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Please Bring Your Registration To The Service Desk When You Arrive For Your Inspection

What is a Massachusetts State Inspection?

All vehicles that are registered in Massachusetts must receive a safety inspection each year. Most vehicles must also undergo an emissions test unless they meet the Mass RMV exemption criteria. During the safety inspection, licensed inspectors check safety items on the vehicle such as lights, wipers, suspension and more. During the emissions test, your vehicle's emissions system is monitored by establishing communication between your car and the registry of motor vehicles' computer system.

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When does my vehicle need to be inspected?

Generally speaking, your vehicle must undergo both an emissions test and a safety inspection every year before its current inspection sticker expires (at the end of the month printed on the sticker). If you purchase a vehicle (new or used), it must be inspected within seven calendar days of its registration to continue operating on Massachusetts roadways. You can determine when your vehicle needs an inspection by referencing the inspection sticker (see image below).

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How long does a state inspection usually take?

Due to the high volume of inspections at the end of the month, we recommend getting your inspection sticker early in the month that it expires to minimize your wait time. The state will only allow us to conduct inspections out of one dedicated bay in our shop. For this reason, we can only perform one inspection at a time. A car, SUV or light truck inspection typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes from the time that it enters the inspection bay. Vehicles over 10,000GVW and trailers can take 1 hour or more.

Can I make an appointment at Acton Ford for my Massachusetts State Inspection?

To make sure that everyone has equal access to our inspection services, we accept walk-in inspections on a first-come-first-served basis. If you have a commercial vehicle over 10,000 GVW or a trailer, please call ahead so that we can make sure a licensed commercial inspector is available.

Can I take my non-Ford vehicle to Acton Ford for my Massachusetts State Inspection?

Yes, we are able to inspect vehicles of all years, makes and models unless specified otherwise by the mass vehicle check program.

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What happens if my vehicle fails inspection?

If your vehicle does not pass the safety portion of the inspection, it is recommended to complete the repairs immediately. If your vehicle does not pass the emissions test, you may have up to 60 days to repair the emissions system and pass a re-inspection.

Where can I find out more about the inspection process?

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