Understanding Electric Vehicles in Acton, MA

Understanding Electric Vehicles

Are you ready to say goodbye to high gas prices, but need more information on electric or hybrid vehicles? Acton Ford in Acton, MA is here to help you understand the benefits to owning an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Sustainability and affordability are a couple of benefits (to owning an EV vehicle) you may already be familiar with, but what are some other reasons? Other reasons you may not be aware of are that EVs are fun to drive and easier to maintain than gas-powered vehicles. Below you'll find information to help you decide which type of EV vehicle is the right choice for you.

2022 Mustang Mach-e charging at home

Which Type of Electric Vehicle is Right for Me?

Ford F-150 Lightning All-Electric plugged in to charger

Battery Electric (All‑Electric)

All‑electric or fully‑electric cars offer the "fun to drive" factor, the biggest savings on gas and maintenance, and most often eligible for the $7500 federal tax credit.

Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid driving on highway

Plug‑in Hybrid

Plug‑in hybrids combine a rechargable electric motor and a gas-powered engine for the best of both worlds in extended range.

Ford Maverick Hybrid XLT driving on highway

Traditional Hybrid

Powered by an electric motor and gas‑powered engine, traditional hybrids recharge as you drive so you never have to worry about plugging in to recharge the battery.

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Quick and Quiet

New all‑electric vehicles from Ford offer an efficient and exhilarating driving experience. Car enthusiasts rave about the instant acceleration and better handling, but most drivers simply enjoy the quieter ride.

Charge At Home

Plug your vehicle at night and each morning you'll have a "full tank." No more stopping for gas in the morning to ensure you'll make it to work.

Federal Tax Credit

A federal tax rebate up to of $7,500 is available on many Ford EV models. Many states also offer additional rebates and incentives for electric vehicle customers—up to $2,500 in certain cases.*

Low Cost to Own

With fewer moving parts, EV owners can expect to spend about half as much on maintenance and repair. For example, the one-pedal driving or regenerative braking, helps reduce the normal wear and tear on your brake pads and rotors.

Understanding Charging

Level 1 chargers use a standard household outlet and charge about 2–5 miles of range per hour, making Level 1 a good choice for plugin hybrid vehicles but not battery electric vehicles.

Level 2 chargers can be installed at your home by a professional electrician and charge about 10–20 miles of range per hour. A good choice for any EV when charging overnight.

Level 1 and 2 chargers can be used at home. In fact, the standard 120V outlet supports a Level 1 charger. Level 2 chargers require 240V and can be installed by a licensed electrician.

Level 3 fast chargers are the most efficient and can be found at commercial locations. Level 3 chargers provide about 60–80 miles of range in approximately 20 minutes.

How long does the battery last?

Most batteries will last between 100,000 and 200,000 miles when properly cared for. With battery technology continually advancing, that number should continue to increase.

Ford Electric and Hybrid Vehicles For Sale in Acton, MA

Are you thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle? Get the facts about owning an EV from Acton Ford. We can help you understand the movement to Electric Vehicles and all the benefits to owning one. For more information on the Ford electric vehicle lineup or to place a custom order, contact our sales staff today.